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Analisi dei temi, delle vicende e delle crisi riguardanti il mondo di oggi, la geopolitica e le relazioni internazionali. Il problema del terrorismo, la Nuova Via della Seta cinese, la questione della ‘corsa all’Artico’ delle grandi potenze, sono solo alcune delle tematiche approfondite in questa sezione.

nessuna missione


The international community is called to meet several challenges in order to prevent the delicate balance of the Arctic from being broken.

The “New silk roads”

The new Silk Road has the ambition to become the backbone of a new commercial and political area.


The theme of terrorism prevention has become absolutely a priority.

Religious conflicts in the world

Persecution and violence against ethnic and religious minorities in the world do not seem to want to stop.

Latin America

An overview of geopolitical situations inside and outside the most important countries of the Latin American world.

Western Balkans

The true integration of the Balkan peninsula’s countries is one of the great problems of the Old Continent. The whole region was sadly the subject of conflicts not many years ago that halted its development and stability. The situation is much improved today but not completely normalised.

Frozen conflicts and the Eastern front

Conflicts, wars and tensions between different states, but also between the various non-state geopolitical actors are changing form. The recent conflict in Ukraine, frozen conflicts in the Asian world, cyber-attacks, new forms of terrorism are some of the points that will be analysed in this issue.

Korean Peninsula and East Asia

The East Asian subcontinent in recent years has returned to prominence due to the resurgence on the geopolitical scene of North Korea. But what are the interests at stake between China, the US and Russia in that area and what are the true intentions of the North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un?

Demography and migrations

Demographic trends in the world are changing as a result of economic developments, wars or conflicts; this clearly affects the phenomenon of migration between States or across entire continents. How will the migration routes evolve in the near future?